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About Umaro SAManagementul calitatii


 - Conventional vertical SC 11 53 CC
 - CNC vertical lathes  SC 11 53 CNC/MS
 - CNC vertical boring mills SC1453 CNC/MS+F
 - CNC SINGLE COLUMN vertical boring and turning mills
   SCM 63100 CNC
Machine tools for Railways
 - Vertical Turning and Boring Mills SC17 TF3-CNC; SC17 TF2-CO2
 - Above Floor wheel Lathes SX1250-CNC 
Rotary tables
MRD 2525/40; MRD 3030/60; MRD 3535/100
  Movable rotary tables
Furniture production machines

Vertical mill saws, circular saws and for end cut, saw blades sharpening machines, ripping circular saws, multiblade circular saws, sawdust briquetting machines.


Woodworking machines

Universal machines, planning machines, thicknessing machines, planner molders, spindle molders, routers, band saws, automatic copying lathes, wood-turning machines, multiple boring machines, sanding machines, horizontal boring and and mortising machines, particles exhausters, board gluing press, milling trapezoidal with apply adhesive device, calibrating and grinding machine with upper contact, parquetry ends processing machines, short wood joiner elements press.


Milling equipment

Mill for cereals, corn mills.


Vertical lathes | Machines tools for railways |Movable rotary tables | Machines for bearing balls machining
Furniture production machines | Milling equipment| Overhauls and modernization of machine tools

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