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Quality Management is the strategically foundation on which it is based the management of our organization  UMARO S.A. determination of policy and objectives concerning quality.
So, we decided to choose the process based approach, for continuous maintenance and improvement of Quality Management System according to requirements ISO 9001 : 2008.
Continual improvement of products performances, of processes efficiency and management system is totally oriented to realizing the conditions and expectances of our internal and external customers.
Our mutual target is to demonstrate the aptitude of UMARO S.A to continuously satisfy our customer’s requirements, as well as applicable regulatory requirements, to increase the customer’s satisfaction.

In a strong and competitive market we take action to:

1. Maintain our position of national leader in the field of vertical lathes and woodworking machinery;
2. Yearly grow our turnover by 10% in the next 3 years;
3. Reach an export sales rate of over 50% from the total volume of sales in the next coming 3 years by maintaining the current customers and gaining new segments of market;
4. Yearly reduce by 3% the rate of products under complaint in the next 3 years;
5. Monitoring our suppliers to guarantee the quality of purchased products and their orientation toward superior performance.

The processes of Quality Management System are planned and kept under control by:

1. Identification, allocation and continuous optimization of resources,
2. Appointing, training and awareness of process responsible who establish maintain and continuously improve quantifiable objectives and performance indicators for every type of identified process,
3. Documentation, review, measurement, monitoring and continuous improvement,
4. Involving all employers in process improvement and awareness of every employer for his prestige.

Leadership UMARO S.A. is oriented to identification and development of employers’ aptitudes by training, recruiting, awareness and continuous evaluation.
The present statement is an integrant part of Quality Manual, which was communicated inside the organization and is known at all levels.
The materialization of policy and objectives of declared quality, of requirements from Quality Manual    represents obligatory tasks for every employer for S.C. UMARO S.A.

As General Manager I commit myself to put into practice this policy and for this purpose I assume the responsibility and authority to Chief of AQ Office as the Representative of General Manager for:

1. Implementation and maintenance of the system described in the Quality Manual,
2. Verification of appliance, fulfillment and improvement of quality policy and objectives,
3. Direct report of the results from verifications.

The satisfaction or our client’s requirements is our commitment!
We exist only through our satisfied customers!



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